Tuesday, December 4, 2007

American Psycho

DAN - Prior to seeing this film, I knew nothing about it. It looked like a cheesy horror flick, which isn’t exactly my favorite type of movie. I had seen Christian Bale in The Machinist, Batman Begins, and The Prestige, and I thought of him as a decent actor. I ended up seeing American Psycho with a couple of friends (one of them being Steve) as the result of a lack of anything better to do, and I’m glad I did. This film is horrific, gruesome, and twisted, yet I found it oddly appealing. (Hmm... what does that say about me?)

This film sparked my interest in Bale as an actor. As Patrick Bateman, he manages to seamlessly slip back and forth between being a charismatic perfectionist-yuppie and an insane murderer. The artistic direction of this film mirrors what I can only imagine is taking place inside Bateman’s mind, as there is something eerily off kilter in each scene. The mundane is made beautiful, casual conversation leads to murder, and reality is questionable. American Psycho is unlike anything I’ve seen, and though it’s not the most pleasant movie to watch, I couldn’t help but be drawn in.

(As a side note, is it coincidence that Bale has starred as Patrick Bateman and Batman? Think about it.)

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Patrick Roberts said...

i was wondering about that bateman and batman thing, i think it's probably a coincidence