Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Devil Wears Prada

STEVE - I’ll admit it. I like the Devil Wears Prada, it is perhaps my most embarrassing guilty pleasure. And I’ll also admit that there’s nothing really all that special about it. I mean it is your typical cliché chick flick. Except instead of guy meets girl it’s girl meets job… and Meryl Streep, (who is absolutely fantastic as the Devil in Prada) but still nothing special. No great script. No great acting (except for Meryl Streep… and maybe Stanley Tucci).

I was watching this again today and I think I figured out why I liked this movie. Execution. For me, execution is everything. Execution can make and break a movie. You can have a great script, and great actors, but a film just won’t work unless you have good execution. Examples:

Phone Booth, good actors, interesting premise, bad execution.

Cruel Intentions, good actors, great script, bad execution.

Eragon, interesting premise, pretty darn good book, horrible execution.

Star Wars I-III, great idea, great actors, THE WORST EXECUTION EVER!!!

Now execution isn’t everything, but it is very important. And that is one thing that The Devil Wears Prada does right. You put any movie in the right hands, and you’ll get something good. And that is why I enjoy this movie.

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