Tuesday, December 25, 2007


STEVE - In perhaps one of the most interesting and disturbing films I have ever viewed, Kinsey is the real life story of Alfred Kinsey, a pioneer in the study in human sexuality. In his attempt to, at first, help married couples, and then others understand the act sex, Kinsey’s research draws attention from all areas of the globe and becomes one of the most renowned and hated researchers in the 20th Century.

A well performed and directed piece of cinema. Bill Condon does a terrific job as scribe and director. And Laura Linney gives a brilliant performance as the loving and understanding Mrs. Kinsey. Perhaps why she was nominated for an Oscar.

However, me being the negative one (and the one who uses improper grammar), as truly moving and controversial as the piece was, I don’t recommend it. It was a well-made film, though it did leave some storylines and characters open-ended (like Kinsey’s father and son). And Liam Neeson’s performance was nothing to be ecstatic about. But my biggest complaint, is that I felt that the film tried to be too preachy in what it had to say. Allow me to explain.

The film is all about Dr. Kinsey trying to tell the world the truth about sex, when the world chooses to ignore the issue. It was something that Dr. Kinsey felt he had to do and something that really needed to be done, and I agree. So Dr. Kinsey tries to research sex from a purely scientific standpoint, with no feelings. Which of course sex without feelings… well it just doesn’t work, not very well at least. And of course, colleagues and those close to him get hurt because emotion is taken out of the equation. Now the film does touch on some of those consequences, but the Mr. Condon brushes those repercussions aside to push his movies agenda/message along; which of course like most things in Hollywood is very liberal. Now I don’t have anything against liberals. I at times have tended to lean towards the liberal end of the spectrum on some issues. But if you are going to make a film, on a powerful subject, that has a message, don’t get caught up in your own agenda. Which is what I felt this film and its writer/director did. A well made film, but a little full of itself.

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